Our Staff

We surround ourselves with feminists who are drawn to beauty; those who possess the drive and passion to want to change the world for the better, the audacity to believe they can, and most importantly, the unshakeable faith in the potential for human greatness.


"in a world where you can be anything, be love."

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Fabiana Ayala Hopp

Age: 23

Fabiana is a young badass woman, born and somewhat raised in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She's a world traveller and wanderer. 

At the age of 16, Fabiana went to finish high school at Li Po Chun United World College, an international boarding school in Hong Kong. After, she pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Richmond, and attended two study abroad programs at Peking University & Semester at Sea.

In her junior & senior years of college, Fabiana developed a business plan that would give her life a 180 degree turn. She was awarded a $10,000 grant to make her plan a reality.

Fabiana is all about energy & vibes. she loves wine, fitness, and dancing to music she doesn't necessarily know the lyrics to.


“Luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity” 

- Randy Pausch

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Cifuentes Garzaro

Age: 23

Javier is a team player and rising trilingual finance professional. Over two years of experience in project planning, capital budgeting, and active engagement with the community have helped him become a talented project manager who also understands the importance of financial reporting to maximize efficiencies within organizations and to build trust in the marketplace.

He is a passionate world traveler, an aviator in training, and enjoys exploring the depths of bottomless brunch and swaying the lengths of the dancefloor.

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"imagination has no limits."

Production Director & Lead Designer

Nadeth Tapia Ali

age: 50

Her life’s passion has always been to create, combine, and design; For this, she would like to thank her mother and namesake -Neide Ali de Tapia- whose initials form her name: NADETH.

For many years, she focused her career on Interior Design for Bolivian production. Today, she approaches many interesting and challenging projects with energy and enthusiasm. She trains women in her atelier and gives them work, making it possible for them to work from home and earn an income to support their families. The times she shares in her atelier with the artisans are golden moments made between threads and women. The environment in which she works is full of solidarity, compassion, and empathy. In those moments, they all forget about social classes, economic differences, and become only women making works of art with love.

Nadeth has loved knitting for as long as she can remember. As fate would have it,  the neighbor who taught her to knit when she was just 6 years old became her mother-in-law 15 years later.

Original Spanish Statement:

La pasion de mi vida siempre fue crear combinar disenhar don heredado de mi madre a la cual le debo mi raro nombre invento de mi amado padre. Neide Ali de Tapia. Sus iniciales forman mi nombre: NADETH. Particularidad que marco mi vida. 

Tuve la suerte de poder realizar durante muchos anhos el disenho de interiores. 

Con produccion nacional. actualmente con proyectos muy interesantes de mucho desafío y muchas satisfacciones. Capacitando a mujeres en el taller y trabando en sus propias casas. Este tiempo de compartir se convierte en momentos dorados entre hilos y mujeres. Un ambiente que esta lleno de solidaridad compasion y empatia. Nos olvidamos de clases sociales. Diferencias economicas. Y solo somos mujeres hilando. 

Desde que tengo memoria siempre me gusto tejer. De forma anecdotica una vecina me ensenho a tejer a mis 6 anhos. Curiosamente ella seria mi suegra 15 anhos despues.


"Success is the sum up of tiny efforts repeated day by day."

Pattern Designer

Shirley Patricia Torrico Terrazas

Age: 31

Her history with sewing started the moment she was born. Her mom used to sew day and night to earn money. It was unavoidable not to learn this art because it was so present in her life growing up, and now she does it herself!

She was studying Industrial Engineering in College when she got pregnant and became a single mother. That is when she started sewing. To start, she was designing shoes and hats for babies, which created steady income. She then began sewing more, everything people would ask for … and that is when she realized she had unlimited potential.

Through this work she met Fabiana, who arrived to guide her once irregular work environment. At the time she was a artisan with fixed orders, compatible ideas, good relationship, same desire to improve, and that is what transformed what was just a job into a family: her new TodoSuma family.

Original Spanish Statement:

Mi historia con el tejido empieza cuando naci, ya que mi madre para ganar dinero tejia  dia y noche, era inevitable el no aprender este Arte ya que creci viendole tejer  hasta estos momentos.

Yo estudiaba Ing. Industrial en la universidad, pero al yo quedar embarazada y quedarme como madre soltera, fue donde yo empece a trabajar  tejiendo, emprendi primeramente haciendo disenos de zapatitos y gorras para bebes lo cual me  resulto un buen ingreso de ecoomico . Empece a tejer mas cosas... bueno.. yo tejia lo que me pedian... y en ese momento descubri..que yo podia realizar cualquier trabajo y que no habia limites para mi.

En ese camino conosco a Fabi, quien llego a encaminar mi entorno de trabajo que era irregular. En aquel entonces era una cliente que tenia pedidos fijos, el buen trato las ideas compatibles, el mismo pensamiento de superacion hizo que se convierta en algo que un trabajo paso a ser parte de mi familia... una nueva familia Todo Suma.


“be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

-jennifer lee

Operations Management

Kayla Ortiz

Age: 20

Kayla is a current student at the University of Richmond studying International Business, Spanish, and Women and Gender Studies. She attended high school at the Global Studies and World Languages Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia to pursue her passion for ethical fashion.

Israel, Spain, England, Italy, France, Morocco, Fiji (and now Bolivia) are just some of the places Kayla has pursued her wanderlust. . She will be graduating in May of 2019 and aspires to be an advocate for women all over the world through inspirational organizations like TodoSuma.

If you are ever looking for Kayla, you can find her at any coffee shop or thrift store nearby.


“You don’t want to look back and think you could have done better.”

Executive Assistant

Camila Antelo Iriarte

Age: 18

Camila is attending the University of Notre Dame this fall as a Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar and part of the Glynn Honors Program with an intended double major in political science and international economics. Camila shares the idea that everyone should be in a place they love doing something they’re passionate about .  She is thrilled to be working at a place where she can not only thrive intellectually, but morally and ethically, too. She attended high school at the Colegio Aleman Federico Froebel in Cochabamba, Bolivia where she felt free to pursue her dreams with the full support of her mentors. She speaks English, Spanish, and German fluently, but devotes her time to studying Chinese-Mandarin, French, and Portuguese. Her inspiration for learning languages comes from her desire to learn more about different cultures, broaden her mind, and always be able to meet people and make friends without borders.

Camila can always be found multitasking, usually with a cup of coffee or tea in tow.

She loves TodoSuma for how it uniquely assembles talent, heart, mind, a mission, and a necessity turning it into an endless ocean ready to keep expanding.


“...to leave the world a bit better, whether a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Yasmine Karam

Age: 22

Yasmine is a recent University of Richmond graduate currently serving in the Peace Corps in Rwanda. Her work is driven by her belief that sustainable development is made possible through the social and economic empowerment of the world’s women. In her free time, Yasmine enjoys hiking, playing basketball with her students, and experimenting in her kitchen.


“…in the long run, contributing to understanding may be more important than offering an immediate guide for action."

-Paul R. Krugman


Lorena Quiroga Torrelio

Age: 22

She goes mostly by Lore and is currently moving her entire world to the United States- she certainly looks forward to traveling around the world still! As a recent economist, she is passionate about education, development and the power of people able to change a little bit the world we live in. She loves to  think, she dance, laugh, she loves, she dances a little bit more (okay, maybe more than just a bit), but she is always looking to help people and hear all the amazing voices out there.