About us



"En la vida, como el universo, todo suma. Nada resta". 

TodoSuma is a lifestyle brand that allows for consumers to empower and feel empowered by their purchases. It is a conscious decision to redefine the way we shop, because in life, as in the universe, everything adds up, nothing remains. 

Every action by every person, even those with the smallest impacts, is a contribution; we must be cognizant of the power we hold as individuals, for these contributions aid either the world's progress towards peace, or its regression away from it.


All TodoSuma products are handmade in Cochabamba, Bolivia by women working under fair employment practice.


What We do:

TodoSuma is a social enterprise advancing women’s empowerment through job creation to combat economic dependence in Bolivia. We connect women artisans to international markets through different platforms.

While creating and managing this demand, TodoSuma helps develop innovative designs and products to appeal to a range of target markets. As a result, women who work with TodoSuma are able to earn and manage their own source of income.


Why We Do It:

Despite the higher potential labor force rate of women (81.5%) over men (78.71%), the proportion of men in the Bolivian labor market (63.41%) is still significantly higher than that of women 49.05%).

The detrimental effects of sociocultural gender inequality in Bolivia are reflected in gender gaps in education and the workforce. This not only limits women's access to independence and autonomy, but also the potential for the country's economic growth found in taking advantage  of all of the country's human capital. 


Our Vision:

We envision a world where social responsibility is the status quo:

Where consumers hold producers accountable to prioritize ethical, humane business practice above all and where businesses, following this demand, generate profit.